• Updated page/post access controls to now support conditionals. So now you can control access to pages/posts not just based upon login status, memberships, and tags but any condition supported by ActiveMember360 Conditionals.

    So also:

    ActiveCampaign contact field values.

    ActiveCampaign list status.

    WordPress user roles.

    GamiPress user status – points total, achievements, ranks.

    LearnDash user status – courses enrolment, courses, lessons, topics completed, started etc.

    WooCommerce user status – products purchased/not purchased, subscription status etc. and more, and any combination.
  • Enhancements to access controls also apply to: Any protectable custom post type. The auto-enrolment of LearnDash courses. The access to BuddyPress/BuddyBoss groups.
  • Redesign of ActiveMember360 access/protection panel to support conditionals.
  • Added ActiveMember360 Quick Edit for all post types protected by ActiveMember360.
  • Relocated Tag Search feature to WordPress admin bar.
  • Updated the mbr/authenticated_remote_login hook.