One of the easiest ways to translate ActiveMember360 into your site’s own language is to use “Loco Translate” by Tim Whitlock.

This free plugin provides on-site, in-browser translation capabilities for ActiveMember360 (and any other plugins or themes) on your site, eliminating the need to upload files via FTP / SFTP and creating the path/directories to the correct file locations.

By following “Loco Translate” simple setup instructions, you should be ready to start translating within minutes.

One important setting to remember when creating a new language in your “Loco Translate” setup is to select the correct location for your translation files, “languages/plugins/activemember360-xx_YY.po“, as shown below:

ActiveMember360 - Loco Translate Setting Location
ActiveMember360 – Loco Translate Setting Location

If you have used an off-site translation tool, such as “POEdit” or the website version of “Loco“, you would store your translation file in the same location as depicted above, but you will probably have to create the directories yourself and ensure that your translation files are properly labeled for the language used, such as ‘nb_NO” for Norwegian, “sv-SE” for Swedish, “es_ES” for Castilian Spanish, etc. The language tag should match the language selected for WordPress itself.