In this lesson we will discuss the ActiveMember360 Page Excerpt.

When a user doesn’t have permissions to see a page then that page “doesn’t exist”, hence a 404 error page.

If you create a manual excerpt / teaser for that page, the excerpt would be shown to users who do not otherwise have permissions to view the page or post.

If you do not want excerpts to be displayed to users who lack the basic permissions to the content on a given page, you can prevent it from being displayed by checking the “Excerpt only with permissions” box in the Content Protection metabox.

In “Plugin Options >> Excerpts”, if you set the system to always generate an excerpt, it will create one on the fly and display that instead, if a manual excerpt doesn’t exist.

Click the ActiveMember360 Page Excerpt and add the text you want a visitor to see if they are not logged in.

Set up the global ActiveMember360 page excerpt

What if there is no ActiveMember360 Page Excerpt?

What if there is no ActiveMember360 page excerpt
Click the Screen Options at the top left of the WordPress dashboard to open the Show on Screen box. Check the ActiveMember360 Page Excerpt

How to make an ActiveMember360 Page Excerpt for every page?

ActiveMember360 menu >> Plugin Options >> Excerpts

ActiveMember360 page excerpt for every page

  1. Check the Yes button.
    Force excerpts at all times: Activating this option will automatically create an excerpt for pages and posts that do not have one.
    This option can be very useful when using fixed menus, such as the ones generated by WordPress 3.x’s Menu Builder to avoid 404 errors.
  2. Add your text.
    HTML and shortcodes are acceptable.