Miscelleous Options

  1. Use this setting to define the default avatar size for use with the [mbr_avatar] shortcode. A valid value must be between 1 and 96 pixels.
  2. If using menus created through WordPress’ menu builder, you can choose to completely suppress the display of menu items for which a member doesn’t have permissions.
    If not suppressed, these menu items will be displayed but will not be clickable.
  3. By default, an admin user can see all menu items, regardless of whether an item was set to “Hide from menu only”.
    If set to ‘On’, the menu displayed will not contained items set to “Hide from menu only”.
  4. Enable the conditional widget control. By default, conditional widget control is enabled.
    Disable this feature if you want to use another widget control plugin or if you don’t need this feature.
  5. When a user has a Failed Payment status, this text will be displayed once upon login in an overlayed popup window.
    Additionally, a short message and a link will be displayed in the ActiveMember360 Login widget throughout the user’s session.