This shortcode is used to determine if a particular contact is subscribed to a list. The determination can be made based on “any” status or a specific list status, such as “unconfirmed”, “active”, “unsubscribed” or “bounced”.

This shortcode supports conditional branching with [ELSE_is_in_list].
Shortcode nesting is NOT supported.


list_id The list ID against which you want to check a contact’s subscription status.
Required: yes.
status The specific list status against which to check. It can be one of the following:

  • any
  • unconfirmed
  • active
  • unsubscribed
  • bounced

Default: ‘active’.
Required: no. If not given, ‘active’ will be used.


[mbr_is_in_list list_id='23']
  You are currently subscribed to our "Advanced SEO" list.
  You are not currently subscribed to our "Advanced SEO" list.
[mbr_is_in_list list_id='17']
  [mbr_list unsubscribe='17' link_text='Click here to unsubscribe from the XYZ newsletter']
  [mbr_list subscribe='17' link_text='Click here to subscribe to the XYZ newsletter']


There is currently no ActiveMember360 API function equivalent for this shortcode.