This shortcode returns the difference between two dates.

This shortcode does NOT support conditional branching with [ELSE_datediff].
Shortcode nesting is NOT supported.


from_date The values passed to this parameter must be a value that PHP’s “strtotime()” function will understand. Most ActiveCampaign date fields are properly formatted and will work.
Default: now.
Required: no.
to_date Any text value recognized by PHP’s strtotime() function.
Default: now.
Required: no.
format The format used to display the difference between the two dates. The values passed to this parameter must follow the syntax rules set for the PHP function date(). See:
Default: ‘d’.
Required: no.


[mbr_datediff to_date='[mbr_db__my_custom_field_1]']
[mbr_datediff from_date='20151205123456' to_date='20201205123456']
[mbr_datediff from_date='[mbr_db_my_custom_field_1]' to_date='[mbr_db_my_custom_field_2]' format='h']


There is currently no ActiveMember360 API function equivalent for this shortcode.