Once ActiveMember360’s Mailer Extension is enabled, you can start configuring the global settings:

Mailer Extension Settings

  1. Click on “Settings” in the ActiveMember360 Tickets menu in the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Click on the “Settings” section inside the “Mailer Module” interface.
  3. Choose your “Unsubscribe Page”. When your contacts click an unsubscribe link in an email send through ActiveMember360, ActiveMember360 unsubscribes them automatically and redirects them to the chosen page.
  4. Enable/disable “SSL Verify”, disabling can fix issues with SSL certificates or when sending through a 3rd party mailer like gmail.
  5. Enable/disable “Debug Mode”. Once enabled, you’re able to test through your browser and errors, if any, will be disabled on screen.
  6. Set your cache refresh interval for your ActiveCampaign Email Templates. ActiveMember360 wil fetch your email templates in the defined cycle to avoid unnessecary API calls to ActiveCampaign on every email sending.
Don’t forget to save your changes!

Your global settings are now configured.