Yes, there is a way to capture passwords so that users can keep their old passwords.

While there are several ways to achieve the same result, we recommend the following:

  • Import all users from the “old” WordPress site into your ActiveCampaign campaign account.
  • If their “old” passwords are known, include them in the import file.
  • If their “old” passwords are not known, ensure that the import file sets the value of the “Password” field to the special value: #$mbr$capture$#
  • If you didn’t set that value in the import file, you can do it later using an ActiveCampaign “Bulk Edit” action.
  • Once the relevant contacts have been assigned that special value to their “Password” field,  WordPress users logging in will have their password verified against their WordPress password first and, if it matches, the password will be stored in ActiveCampaign as their new “master” password and their login will be authenticated.


In all examples, we use #$mbr$capture$#. However, you can add a prefix or suffix of your choice, as long as the #$mbr$capture$# string portion remains intact, such as:

  • random678#$mbr$capture$#
  • #$mbr$capture$#random345
  • random246#$mbr$capture$#random975