Scheduled or “drip” content release in ActiveMember360 is based on automated processes in ActiveCampaign.

For this example, we’ll create a basic drip sequence for members of a membership level and we’ll use a sequence of four pages to be released over time.

Specifically: We’ll create a 4-page sequence for members of the “Gold” membership, where each page will be released in weekly intervals.

Our first step is be to create four “weekly” tags in ActiveCampaign, which we call “GoldWeek01”, “GoldWeek02”, “GoldWeek03” and “GoldWeek04”, respectively.

Next, we create a simple and straightforward automation which assigns the first weekly tag immediately and each of the remaining three tags in weekly intervals using automation timers.

This automation can be imported into your ActiveCampaign account using this link:

Once your tags and your automation have been created, it’s time to set the permissions on each of the four pages. Using the “Protection” metabox in your page editor, you would simply assign permissions based on the membership level (“Gold”) and one of the
weekly” tags for each of the four pages in the “Only/Not these tags” input field, as shown below: