1. Activating this option will automatically create an excerpt for pages and posts that do not have one.
    The excerpt text can be defined at #4.
    This option can be very useful when using fixed menus, such as the ones generated by WordPress 3.x’s Menu Builder to avoid 404 errors.
  2. ActiveMember360 will automatically generate links to your login and upsell pages – if defined.
    By disabling this option, these links will not appear at the end of your excerpts.
  3. In various places, such as an archive or category view of multiple posts, WordPress will automatically generate an excerpt if one wasn’t created manually.
    By default, WordPress creates excerpts using the first 55 words of a document.
    By modifying this value, you can shorten or lengthen the length of your auto-generated excerpts to better suit your design layout.
  4. Your custom excerpt text.